Disclaimer & Privacy Policy

Don’t you hate those disclaimer and privacy policy pages that have a whole bunch of legal jargon on them, are painfully impossible to read, and seem to be written to avoid any level of clear comprehension?

Yah, me too.

So here’s my plain English (probably not sufficiently legal, but I don’t care) attempt at a disclaimer/privacy policy page.

Who We Are Not

Neither Mike or I are Financial Planners. Nor are we lawyers, psychologists, realtors, accountants, tax officials, or doctors. The opinions we express on this website are exactly that, our opinions. If you require professional advice, get it from the requisite professional.

Your Personal Information

I collect the personal information you give me for the sole purpose of sending you my weekly e-mail. That’s it – that’s all, end of story.

Affiliate Links

There are affiliate links on my website. Not very many, but some. I only ever include affiliate links for products that I think are top notch, personally own or use, and have improved my life or provided value to me in a substantial way. Any money I make from these little kick-backs I use as a way to offset the cost of running the blog, and, if I’m being honest, sometimes I buy myself little treats as a pat on the back for sinking so many hours into this little passion project!

The next treat on my list is a visit to Spa Utopia, so click on those links people!!!

Copyright Stuff

The work on this website is mine. Please don’t steal it, or pass it off as your own. If you want to use some of it, please ask me first. If you give credit where credit is due, it’s likely I will agree.