Our Story

Welcome to Freedom 101. We are excited to be able to put this website together, and share our knowledge and experiences with like-minded people who are looking to take control over their individual time. The content and opinions we express on this website have been formed from our personal journey to achieving financial freedom, including lessons from the things that have worked well for us, mistakes we have made, and hundreds of hours of research and self-education on a variety of finance related topics.

Initially our own individual goals of financial wealth were pretty abstract, neither of us had a dollar figure or a list of things we particularly wanted to obtain, we just thought we wanted to be “wealthy”. But along the way our life experiences slowly brought us to the realization that what we really wanted was the freedom to choose what we did with our time. It wasn’t about having lots of money or not having to work, it was about having control over the only currency we would never be able to generate more of.

So our financial goals became centred around having more choice. We started by eliminating our debt. There were no get rich quick schemes involved, we just did it the tried and true, old fashioned way. We worked hard, pushed ourselves to come up with creative ways to increase our income streams and mercilessly hacked away unnecessary expenses.  One day we realized what we were doing was really working. Not only were we going to eliminate all our debt; but we had generated sufficient and diversified income streams that allowed us to truly consider early retirement. At 33 & 34 years old.

Now we have the amazing opportunity to CHOOSE what we do with our time. We love challenges and learning new things, so there is no doubt that our “working” days are far from over. But now it’s about investing our time in things we feel passionate about and obtain value from. Not just financial value, but things that give us a sense of purpose, and satisfaction.

Like starting this website. Hopefully our experiences and the lessons we will share can help you shape your own individual plan to obtain the freedom to choose. To invest your time in the things that matter to you, whatever they may be.

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