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Me, Myself and I

In the world of financial planning it is important to have a strong understanding of financial principles and strategies, but […]


As a parent of two, there is no trait I want to develop more in my kids than self-discipline. Where […]

Just Do It

Everyone wants to be financially free and retire early, but the reality is that only a small number of people […]

Schedule Time To Think

Whether we are contemplating, mulling, analyzing, reasoning or evaluating, thinking is one of the most powerful tools at our disposal. […]

Get Wealthy By Waiting

We live in a world of now. Instant communication, immediate access to information. Even our Amazon purchases can arrive the […]

Our 3 Biggest Mistakes

Someone posted a comment the other day asking about our biggest accomplishments and our most impressive failures. Rather than trying […]

Sharpen Your Angle of View

Perspective. It’s essential to leading a happy life, and it’s most definitely essential to obtaining AND maintaining Financial Freedom. I’m not […]

A Year Of Retirement

It’s been about a year since Mike and I retired, and it’s been a year full of new experiences and […]

The Necessity of Alignment

Irreconcilable differences. It’s cited on nearly every court application seeking divorce. Sure it’s a boiler plate term, but it also […]

Sleep Your Way To Success

No – I’m talking about actual sleep. Sufficient sleep is a necessity if we want to perform at our best. A […]