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The Pet Mortgage

Buying a pet is like taking on another mortgage. They come with an upfront cost to actually obtain one, then […]

Be Your Own Strata

If you’ve ever lived in a property run by a strata corporation (or HOA, same thing) you know that they […]

Happy Canada/Independence Day

With Canada Day just past, and Independence Day nearly here, summer has definitely arrived. And with it the BBQ’s, beach […]

Sharpen Your Angle of View

Perspective. It’s essential to leading a happy life, and it’s most definitely essential to obtaining AND maintaining Financial Freedom. I’m not […]

A Trait of Success

In 1991, while meeting for the first time, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates were asked to summarize in just a […]

Me, Myself and I

In the world of financial planning it is important to have a strong understanding of financial principles and strategies, but […]


As a parent of two, there is no trait I want to develop more in my kids than self-discipline. Where […]

Just Do It

Everyone wants to be financially free and retire early, but the reality is that only a small number of people […]

Teach Your Kid to Fish

Many people like the idea of giving their kids an allowance for doing household chores. I am not one of […]

PowerPlay Program Review

It’s no secret that financial based curriculum in the public school system has historically been next to non-existent, but I […]

Insuring Your Financial Future

There’s a happy balance between paranoia and recklessness. Similarly, there’s a reasonable balance between being over or under-insured. In a […]

A Risky Assumption

There is an incredibly pervasive, and risky, outlook that the vast majority of people take when it comes to assuming […]

12 Rules of Financial Freedom

Since well known psychology professor at the University of Toronto, Jordan Peterson, published his 12 rules of life: An Antidote […]