PowerPlay Program Review

It’s no secret that financial based curriculum in the public school system has historically been next to non-existent, but I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a brand new financial […]

Insuring Your Financial Future

There’s a happy balance between paranoia and recklessness. Similarly, there’s a reasonable balance between being over or under-insured. In a market inundated with insurance for almost anything, all available in […]

The Ideal Banking Framework

Knowing if and when to join finances with your partner can be difficult questions to answer. And because it is a difficult decision to make, people tend to default to […]

A Risky Assumption

There is an incredibly pervasive, and risky, outlook that the vast majority of people take when it comes to assuming there is a correlation between position and competence. Whether it’s […]

12 Rules of Financial Freedom

Since well known psychology professor at the University of Toronto, Jordan Peterson, published his 12 rules of life: An Antidote to Chaos, everyone and their dog has thrown their own […]

One Thing You Must Do Before You Retire

I’m a firm believer in eliminating debt, and I’m an even stronger believer that if you struggle with debt, you should minimize your available credit as much as possible, if […]

The Capsule Wardrobe Savings Effect

Last week we talked about how to cut your consumer spending by utilizing the used market to your advantage. We’re going to continue the theme of decreasing spending by taking […]

Cut Your Consumer Spending by 50-90%

In the pursuit of Financial Freedom, the biggest obstacle preventing meaningful progress is spending. Peoples spending habits are where the lofty goals of FF will inevitably succeed or stall. While […]

Teach Your Kid to Fish

Many people like the idea of giving their kids an allowance for doing household chores. I am not one of those people. Unless we make a universal allowance for everyone […]

Book Review: The Opposite of Spoiled

The Opposite of Spoiled is written by author Ron Lieber, who is a columnist for the New York Times, and previously wrote a personal finance column for The Wall Street […]

A Year Of Retirement

It’s been about a year since Mike and I retired, and it’s been a year full of new experiences and of course, many lessons. We’ve learned a lot about what […]

Why Your Social Threshold Matters

The cornerstone of optimally managing your finances is learning to control your spending, saving and investing habits. Far too often these habits are heavily swayed by emotion, when instead they […]

The Necessity of Alignment

Irreconcilable differences. It’s cited on nearly every court application seeking divorce. Sure it’s a boiler plate term, but it also tells us that the vast majority of marriages end in […]