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Here at Freedom 101 we are all about helping you find your freedom, so you can live a happier and more contented life.

With a bajillion personal finance blogs on the scene these days, and time at a premium, why choose us? Well for starters, we spend a LOT of our time staying up to date on the finance scene so you don’t have to, then we boil down the best of the best into actionable information YOU can use.

You’ll also find a whole lot more than just budget spreadsheets, travel hacks and investing opinions on this site. We like to dive deep into the psychology of finance, so you can train your brain to succeed in managing your money.

And because we believe in raising a generation of financially savvy/literate kids, we regularly post content about how you can teach your kids the principles of money management throughout their childhood. Setting them up to live happy, productive and successful lives.

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