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We are Mike & Phia, authors of Freedom 101. We retired from our traditional “jobs” in our early thirties, with two young kids, AND living one of Canada’s highest cost of living cities. If we can do it – you can too!

Pursuing Financial Freedom was an amazing experience, and has allowed us to reach the best chapter of our lives. One where we get to choose what we do with our time, and invest it into the things that matter most to us. We started this blog as a way to spread the ideas of Financial Freedom, give back by sharing what we’ve learned along the way, and hopefully help others map out their path to Financial Freedom (even if that path looks a WHOLE lot different than ours!)

And because we believe in raising a generation of financially savvy/literate kids, we regularly post content about how to teach our kids the principles of money management throughout their childhood. Setting them up to live happy, productive and successful lives.

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