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Tag: Financial Freedom

What To Do With a Small Windfall?

Receiving a lump sum of money is awesome, but for people seeking Financial Freedom deciding the best thing to do with that windfall can be challenging. Whether it’s an unexpected […]

Shift How You Think About Spending

Being intimately familiar with where you money is going is an integral building block to reaching Financial Freedom. But as important as it is, I know a lot of high […]

Merry Christmas

As 2017 comes to a close, and the prospect of a whole new year lies ahead, I find it’s always an excellent opportunity to reflect on the many changes a […]

The Average of 5

The one thing I hear from people the most often when we start to talk about taking steps towards financial freedom, is “I don’t have time”. I get it. I […]

Veg Your Way To Financial Freedom

Over the past several years I’ve tried to become more intentional with my choices. It’s challenging to stop and force myself to question what I’m doing, or why I’m doing […]

10 Ways to Avoid Christmas Over-Spending

It’s December. Already. While it’s already been Christmas season for a month anywhere that sells stuff, most of us are just starting to gear up for the “season of giving”. Sometimes […]

Why Kids Should Manage Their Screen Time

There is no doubt that our current educational system is drastically lacking in it’s ability to teach our kids about money, let alone how to properly manage it. But, blaming […]

2 Critical Questions You Should Always Ask

Part of being successful both financially and otherwise requires us to be intentional with the choices we make in our lives, the big and the small. Analyzing our given situation, […]

Everyday I’m Hustlin’

Side Hustles are becoming a big trend these days. And for good reason. You can increase your income substantially, with the added flexibility of being your own boss, having choice […]

Allowances Aren’t Just For Kids

Giving yourself a spending allowance is a great way to have some cash available for autonomous and guilt free purchases,  while having the added benefit of reducing unnecessary purchases and […]

The Busy Effect

Nine times out of ten, what is the answer you get from people when you ask them “How have you been?”, “How are things?”. Busy. I’ve been busy. We’ve been […]

Lose The Mortgage

One of the questions we get asked the most, after how did we retire so young, is what did we do that made the biggest difference in reaching FF. In […]

Step 5: The Side Hustle

Step 5 of 5. We’ve arrived at the last post in our 5 part guide to reaching Financial Freedom. While you can achieve FF following the first 4 steps alone, […]

Step 3: Goal Setting

You’ve sat down and hammered out a concrete list of your values and what your ideal lifestyle looks like. You’ve talked to your partner and made sure you are both […]