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A Christmas Poem

by Phia @ Freedom 101

Merry Christmas Eve everyone! Hope you all made it through the lead-up to Christmas with your wallet and plans for Financial Freedom well intact! In lieu of a post this week, I’ve elected to share a little Christmas poem as a reminder to us all that the most important things in life don’t come from a store. Wishing everyone a festive, safe, and budget friendly holiday season!



T’was the night before Christmas

And the house was quite calm

There was no Call of Duty

Nor Talking Tom


The kids sat with their parents

Snugged up on the couch

Watching the old Grinch

As he was being a grouch


The movie was free

And the popcorn cost pennies

But as they sat as a family

They made wonderful memories


The parents set a budget

Spending only the agreed upon amount

So New Years wouldn’t find them

With an empty Chequings account


Because they planned well

And didn’t spend without thought

They looked forward to Christmas

And all that it brought


There wasn’t a huge pile of presents

Heaped under the tree

But the family was happy

Just as filled with glee


With cell phones away, the parents were present

Each moment of the season

For the kids, it was the best

They didn’t need another reason


It was the whole families favourite

Christmas by miles

If they didn’t say it,

You could tell by their smiles


It turns out this family

Now already knew

What that Stinky Old Grinch

Was nearly about to


They knew that Christmas

Doesn’t come from a store

Maybe, just maybe

It means a little bit more.

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