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Tag: Financial Independence

One Thing You Must Do Before You Retire

I’m a firm believer in eliminating debt, and I’m an even stronger believer that if you struggle with debt, you should minimize your available credit as much as possible, if […]

Cut Your Consumer Spending by 50-90%

In the pursuit of Financial Freedom, the biggest obstacle preventing meaningful progress is spending. Peoples spending habits are where the lofty goals of FF will inevitably succeed or stall. While […]

Why Your Social Threshold Matters

The cornerstone of optimally managing your finances is learning to control your spending, saving and investing habits. Far too often these habits are heavily swayed by emotion, when instead they […]

The Necessity of Alignment

Irreconcilable differences. It’s cited on nearly every court application seeking divorce. Sure it’s a boiler plate term, but it also tells us that the vast majority of marriages end in […]

Sleep Your Way To Success

No – I’m talking about actual sleep. Sufficient sleep is a necessity if we want to perform at our best. A decrease in our sleep can have dramatic effects on our […]

Be Your Own Strata

If you’ve ever lived in a property run by a strata corporation (or HOA, same thing) you know that they can be, well……annoying. Very very annoying. I have a hard […]


As a parent of two, there is no trait I want to develop more in my kids than self-discipline. Where you find self-discipline, you find people who work hard, hold […]

What To Do With a Small Windfall?

Receiving a lump sum of money is awesome, but for people seeking Financial Freedom deciding the best thing to do with that windfall can be challenging. Whether it’s an unexpected […]

Shift How You Think About Spending

Being intimately familiar with where your money is going is an integral building block to reaching Financial Freedom. But as important as it is, I know a lot of high […]

Investing in Real Estate

Real estate is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio and build income streams. The problem is that people are often drawn to real estate investing based on misconceptions […]

Merry Christmas

As 2017 comes to a close, and the prospect of a whole new year lies ahead, I find it’s always an excellent opportunity to reflect on the many changes a […]